Theme for 2018

In 2018, we want to empower everyone in GMC to live out Kingdom values and to confidently introduce Christ our King to everyone at work.

1.  Empowered to live out Kingdom values.
Building our knowledge, renewing our attitudes about how God views work, and developing a Christian worldview of integrity, honesty, righteousness, charity, peace and faithfulness in our workplace. 

2.  Equipped to introduce our King.
Be a blessing to others by developing the basics of personal evangelism, and being equipped with skills to run Alpha in the Workplace. 

1.  Learning and Relearning
“Marketplace-focused” pulpit teaching (quarterly), equipping seminars, forums and partnerships!
2.  Staying Connected
Sign up for ‘E’-related events and connect with others from the same field of work. Be part of our body-life, serve in the projects we run, with your Connect groups. 

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