Small Group Ministry

Ministry Overview

In 1995, our former Pastor, the Rev Dr Francis Ngoi had the vision to form Ministry Groups (MGs). In 2010, Rev Wilfred Leow joined GMC as our senior pastor. Shortly after that, Rev Wilfred Leow introduced the Basic Accountability Groups (BAGs) as the new name of this Ministry. Besides sharing life with one another via fellowship ministry, the importance of discipleship in our journey with God is highlighted.

As of 30 July 2012, GMC has some 70% of its members and worshippers belonging to a BAG. In detail, we have 1 Senior BAG, 18 Adult BAGs, 9 Young Adult BAGs and 4 Youth BAGs.

The purpose of BAGs is to meet regularly for Bible study and prayer; care and support of members; spiritual nurture; involvement of new members and evangelistic outreach. The underlining objective is to bear the Wesleyan practice where there is accountable discipleship among members and involvements with the community.



New GMC members and worshippers can phase into a BAG under the guidance of our pastors and church leaders. Children of BAG members also grow up together over the years. Members of BAGS can move from one phase of life to another, joining sisters and brothers of similar age group and life journey.

In addition, members who have grown in maturity can undergo training by our pastors to become a new BAG leader. In this way, not only an individual grows but also the entire church body will grow over time.


Who You Can Contact:

Church Office: 62780996, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We want to thank God for keeping the Small Groups movement growing through the years. Many members have benefitted from the fellowship and learning the keys to discipleship and accountability. It is our prayer to keeping them in step with God's purpose and direction.