Are you looking for community in church or hoping to deepen your relationship with God through personal growth? Here are the different areas in GMC that you can be a part of!

This is the heart of our church where we share our lives and journeys. We would to love eat, laugh, live and pray with you too. So get connected!


Children's Church

Grace Star Children Ministry runs a Kid's Church programme which starts with Praise and Worship...
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Senior Fellowship

Senior Fellowship (SF) started off as Senior Adult Fellowship (SAF) on 6 Dec 1998 with 20 members. We have grown in numbers over the years and...
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The Youth Ministry at Grace Methodist Church caters to youth aged between 13 and 24. This is an age where youths start to ask personal questions...
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Women's Fellowship

Grace Methodist Church WSCS (Women Society of Christian Services) is a women society aimed to be channels of blessings as we engaged ladies in spiritual growth and healthy activities...
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Young Adult

The Young Adults Ministry at Grace Methodist Church is open to anyone between the ages of 25 to 35. We strongly believe that...
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Outreach Bilingual Service

OBS has evolved from a humble bible study group formed in 2006 to nurture members of GMC who spoke only Mandarin and Dialect to what it is now an Outreach Bilingual Service...
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Adults & Families

In 1995, our former Pastor, the Rev Dr Francis Ngoi had the vision to form Ministry Groups (MGs). In 2010, Rev Wilfred Leow joined GMC as our senior pastor...
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